NCANA Committees 2021-2022

AANA Foundation
Directors - Cliff Gonzales and Ida Goodnight

Education & Research
Co-Chairs - Lisa Mileto and Deb Flahrety
Committee Members: Sekina Showers
Student Reps: Zachary Smith & Christine Parrilli

Federal Political Director
Chair - Ian Hewer

Government Relations
Co-Chairs - Elena Meadows and Steve Michaux-Smith
Committee Members: Ryan Holton, Bill Wade, Ken Thompson, Jessica Szydlowski-Pittman, Marisa Pino-Barreras 

Public Relations
Chair - Caroline Killmon
Committee Members: Ryan Holton, Chris Rogge, Todd Stevens, Courtney Brown

Chair - Christy Obsorne
Committee Members: Laurel Meyer, Jennise Kelson, Patricia Wadford

Political Action 
Committee Members: Ty Weber, Abby Badr, Kate Vanderford, Ron DeAtley, Kelly McPherson, Denise Tola, Linda Stone, Michele Richard

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Bob Matthews
Committee Member - Marcia Guine

Chair - Christine Kress
Committee Member: Megan Conner, Trish Tuttle, Sherry Bernardo

Chair - Cathy Briggs

Board Nominated Member - Kristin Henderson
(Chair) District 1 - Kimberly T. Soden
District 2 - Melissa Machan
District 3 - Sekina Showers
District 4 - Amanda Purcell

Peer Assistance & Wellness
State Directors - Linda Stone and Luci New
Committee Member: Nicholas Glover

State Reimbursement Specialist
Bob Matthews

LEAD Scholarship Director
Deb Flaherty