Board of Directors

The NCANA Board of Directors consists of 9 active members (CRNAs) including 5 NCANA officers (president, president elect, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and 4 district directors. The officers comprise the NCANA Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors also includes 2 student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs). These associate members serve as non-voting student representatives and are appointed by the Board on a rotating basis.

Learn more about the Board of Directors and Executive Committee in the NCANA Bylaws.

 Sherry Bernardo, DNP, MHA, CRNA

Employer: Atrium Health
Location: Charlotte
What I like most about the NCANA: The NCANA has a very strong history of advocacy not only at the state but national level with the concentration on legislation that is very important in the quest for safe, cost-effective anesthesia care for all citizens of NC.

Immediate Past President: Stacy Yancey, MSNA, CRNA 

Employer: Carolina Anesthesiology
Location: High Point, NC
What I like most about the NCANA: My favorite thing about NCANA is the opportunity to network with other CRNAs and stay up to date on current practices and research. 

President- Elect: 
Elena N. Meadows, DNP, CRNA

Employer: Faculty, Carolinas Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program/UNC Charlotte
Location: Charlotte, NC 
What I like most about NCANA: The NCANA provides wonderful opportunities for CRNA networking, education, and advocacy as well as support and visibility for all CRNAs and SRNAs across the state of North Carolina.

Vice President: Megan Conner, PhD, CRNA 

Employer: Conner Anesthesia, PLLC
Location: Battleboro, NC
What I like most about NCANA: Their proactive approach in advocating for CRNA practice


Robert Matthews, PhD, CRNA

Employer: UNC Health Care
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
What I like most about the NCANA: That it is the only organization that advocates for the profession and practice of North Carolina CRNAs.


Secretary: Kimberly Rybak, MSN, CRNA

Employer: Atrium Health, RybakAnesthesia PLLC
Location: Charlotte, NC
What I like about the NCANA:  The NCANA provides wonderful opportunities to further promote and advocate for our profession, current and future. Being able to work with a highly professional team of CRNA leaders from across the state while meeting with our local elected government officials provides a unique opportunity to build relationships with our communities in North Carolina. The NCANA leaders that paved the way for us now continues to inspire me to provide a robust and thriving profession for the newer generation of CRNAs in our state.

District 1 Director: Kasey Morgan, MS, CRNA 

Employer: Duke University Hospital
Location: Raleigh, NC 
What I like most about NCANA: I love that the NCANA helps me connect with CRNAs and SRNAs across North Carolina as well as stay current on education and practice.


District 2 Director: Caroline Killmon, MS, CRNA 

What I like most about NCANA

District 3 Director: Tara Shumard, DNAP, CRNA 

Employer: Atrium Health
Location: Charlotte
What I like most about NCANA: How engaged the team members are in promoting and advocating for our profession. The NCANA is committed to the education of CRNAs to ensure the safest patient care. I believe that the NCANA has the best intentions when advocating for both CRNAs and their patients. 

District 4 Director: Ian Hewer, PhD, CRNA 

Employer: Western Carolina University
Location: Asheville, NC 
What I like most about NCANA: Proactive advocacy for all NC CRNAs

Student Representative: Ty Weber, SRNA

Location: Western Carolina University - Asheville, NC
What I like most about NCANA: The NCANA gives a voice to CRNAs and SRNAs across the state from our big academic medical centers to our critical access hospitals as well as all six CRNA programs. It also provides a platform for building relationships with other CRNAs and SRNAs.


Student Representative: Laura Krahe Andrews, BSN, RN, CCRN, SRNA

Location: Duke University - Durham, NC
What I like most about NCANA:  The opportunity to connect with and meet other CRNAs and students from across the state! 


AANA Foundation
Director: Cliff Gonzales

Education & Research
Chair: Deb Flaherty
Committee Members: Zachary Smith, Christine Parrilli, Sandra Pena, Derrick Glymph, Luci New, Ian Hewer, Renee Levine, Cassie Dozier, Stacy Schlesinger

Federal Political Directors
Co-Chair: Jessica Szydlowski-Pitman and Stephanie Brogdon

Government Relations
Chair: Stacy Yancey
Committee Members: Ryan Holton, Bill Wade, Ken Thompson, Jessica Szydlowski-Pitman, Marisa Pino-Barreras 

Public Relations
Chair: Caroline Killmon
Committee Members:
Chrissy Bazik Kress

Co-Chairs - Chris Simmons and Kendra Hetrick
Committee Member: Kasey Morgan, Chrissy Bazik Kress

Political Action 
Committee Members: Ty Weber, Abby Badr, Kate Vanderford, Ron DeAtley, Kelly McPherson, Denise Tola, Linda Stone, Michele Richard

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Bob Matthews

Chair - Cathy Briggs 

Board Nominated Member - 
District 1 - Stephanie Brogdon
District 2 - Bill Cobb
District 3 - Kendra Hetrick
District 4 - Amanda Purcell

Peer Assistance & Wellness
State Directors - Linda Stone and Luci New
Committee Members: Emily Funk, Nicholas Glover, Bernadette Johnson

State Reimbursement Specialist
Bob Matthews

LEAD Scholarship Director
Deb Flaherty