CPC Core Modules Bundle—Special Offer for NCANA Members

Now available at a special discounted price only to NCANA members, the new and improved CPC Core Modules Bundle is here! Quantities are limited, so order yours from the NCANA today!

The Core Modules will be required for the first time as part of your second 4-year CPC cycle. For some CRNAs, the second cycle starts in 2020, for others in 2021. Not sure when your second cycle starts? Find out at https://www.nbcrna.com/.

As a service to our members, the NCANA has purchased 201 Core Module Bundles (or “seats”) from AANA at a quantity discount and is now making them available to NCANA members at a steeply discounted price. Plus, while you save by purchasing your Core Modules from the NCANA, you are also supporting your state association.

Frequently asked questions about the Core Modules

Do the AANA’s Core Modules meet the requirements for me as a CRNA in my SECOND 4-year cycle of the CPC program?

Yes! Core Modules were optional during your first 4-year cycle but will be mandatory for your second 4-year cycle which begins in 2020 or 2021, depending on your certification date.

Can CRNAs who have NOT started their SECOND 4-year cycle begin using the Core Modules NOW?

You can purchase the new Core Modules Bundle now, but you cannot complete the modules (take and pass the test) until you are in your second 4-year cycle. However, we recommend you take advantage of this special offer while supplies last, because the modules will fulfill the CPC Program’s 2020 and 2021 Core Modules requirement.

Can I receive Class A Credits with the new Core Modules Bundle?

Yes. You will be eligible for as many as 14 Class A credits!

Highlights of the Core Modules

  • 4-part bundle covers topics required by the NBCRNA
  • Automatic transmission of CE to the NBCRNA for AANA members
  • Reference materials available for download
  • Micro-learning scenarios can be completed in 5-15 minutes
  • Up to 14 hours of online learning for Class A continuing education credit
  • Formatted for PC, Mac, iOS and Android
Definition of CPC Core Modules

The NBCRNA defines Core Modules as specialized Class A credit “CE programs that address the four areas of anesthesia practice which apply to all CRNAs, regardless of practice focus: Airway Management; Applied Clinical Pharmacology; Human Physiology and Pathophysiology; and Anesthesia Equipment and Technology.” The Class A credits earned through completing Core Modules also count toward a CRNA’s Class A credit requirement.

For more information on CPC Core Modules go to www.nbcrna.com.

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